Lineup Release Show

Real Love Summer Fest Lineup Release Show!


Real Love Winnipeg is super excited to release an amazing Real Love Summer Fest lineup to you on April 2nd at The Good Will – Social Club

Good Friday = **GREAT THURSDAY!!!**

Somebody Language & The Way It Feels
Somebody Language is the creative expression through the art and songwriting of Benjiman Figler. Born in Winnipeg, Somebody Language later moved to the coasts of Lake Winnipeg and has been writing genre defying songs for any and every human emotion since 2006. Somebody Language’s live shows feature high energy, eclectic and engaging doo wop/pop originals fronted by an incredibly diverse vocal wizard. Recently joined by “The Way It Feels”, Somebody Language now features a full band that brings out the full energy, passion and honesty of every song.

SL&TWIF have a history of completely rocking out at Real Love events; come see what they have in store!

The Unbelievable Bargains
The Unbelievable Bargains are a trio of pals from Winnipeg Manitoba. They write songs about what they know, and what they know is mostly stuff about animals and food. They love old rock n’ roll almost as much as a good deal or a kindly dog. No metaphors here.

Maybe you will have mutual interests with the band:
Dogs, cats, pizza, burgers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, fans, motorcycles, aquatic mammals, free potato wedges, tomatoes, clams, coffee, pooping, hugs, guitars, dank basements, laundry rooms

Slow Spirit
From Brandon, Manitoba, Slow Spirit is a musical marriage between technology and the ethereal that strives to engage the body and soul of the emerging digital generation. Bold vocals, gritty acoustic guitar, explorative electric timbres, folksong poetry, near broken drumming, soft arpeggiated touch, reflective patience, and anxious energy.

$10 Dollars at the door
Doors 9:30 | Show 10:30
Real Love Summer Fest full weekend passes will be available for purchase.


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