BSB III Applications!

Applications for the 2014 recording of Beach Station Blues III are open and you can apply right here from this website, or click HERE.

Due: March 1st

All applicants will hear from us within the following weeks after the deadline.

Why should you apply?

The Real Love community is an always expanding group of musicians and artists. Beach Station Blues allows bands to connect with dozens of other Manitoba artists; think about all the bands you could ask to play your CD release party! RLW works tirelessly sending out records to radio stations and other media outlets all across Canada. BSB II was sandwiched between Royal Canoe and Imaginary Cities as number 2 on the 2013 most played list at CKUW 95.9 in Winnipeg, and charted in Kamloops as the #1 folk/roots album in November!

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2 thoughts on “BSB III Applications!

  1. Went to check out your website because of your recent announcement for application deadline and your mention that you “can apply right here on this website..”. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the application on the website.

    Can you let us know where the link is here, or if I’ve missed the link, please make it more prominent? Thanks!

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